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Spanish program Peru Cusco

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Spanish & Rafting !!

  • 1 week Spanish group lessons
  • 1 day white water rafting trip
  • Free activities

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internship in Peru

Proyecto Peru internships

Proyecto Peru offers great possibilities for an internship in Cusco. Proyecto Peru works together with different NGO’s, social projects and public organisations like schools and medical clinics. Peru, especially Cusco, is a privileged place for its great natural, cultural and human legacy. But unfortunately, many people in the region live in poverty and don’t have the opportunity to provide proper education or health care for their children. That’s why Proyecto Peru started in intermediating in internships in the Cusco region. We started offering internships with non-profit organisations and social projects, as well as public institutions like schools and medical clinics.

Nowadays there are various opportunities in Latin America to make your internship an interesting learning experience, as well as a contribution to the local society. South America and especially Peru are gaining more and more attention from the world due to a growing economy and a better business climate. This also means more internships possiblities!

Internships in Cusco

Proyecto Peru Internships in Cusco is a mediator for internships in Cusco, Peru. Over the years Proyecto Peru has become the specialist for internships in Cusco. Proyecto Peru provides a good coordination and guidance of your internship and we arrange everything for your stay in Cusco like your accommodation, airport pick-up and Spanish lessons. We have establised many contacts with local organisations and offer internships in different areas. In the nonprofit sector, we offer placements in social work, cultural work, medical studies and specializations, psychology and on the educational field and sports. And you can do your internship in a nonprofit organisation in marketing, communication, management and organization and IT. And as one of the most important tourist destinations in Latin America, Cusco offers great possibilities for an internship placement in tourism. The internship positions are carefully selected to assure challenging internship placements and good guidance by the company providing the internship. Due to our experience, we know how important that is. Click on the area of your study to see which internship placements in Cusco we have for you. This will direct you to our specific internship website.

stage Cusco internship medical clinic Cusco stage physiotherapy

Internship placements

- Education
- Management organization
- Marketing communications
- Medical and health care
- Physiotherapy
- Psychology
Internship in Peru internship children peru sports public school intern - Social and cultural work
- Sports education
- Tourism hospitality
- Websites & IT

An internship placement can be a college or university related placement for credits. An internship placement can also be called work or industry experience placement, a sandwich placement, stage, co-operative education or apprenticeship. Proyecto Peru also mediates in research internships. We offer different kind of work placements for university credits, to gain work experience or to see where you want to work in your future career. To keep it simple, we call all these placements internships.

Proyecto Peru is the specialist for internships in the Cusco area. Please contact us to see if we have an internship that suits you. Do you not find the internship you are looking for on our internship website? Feel free to send us an open application with your CV and a description of the desired internship so we can see what we can do for you. We will do that with no obligations for you and at no cost!