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Lima Peru Peru is located in the central part along the western coast of South America. It covers 1,285,215 square kilometres and hasa population of nearly 30 million. Peru's inhabitants are mostly of Andean stock in the highlands and mixed-blood "mestizos" on the coast, blended with a hefty influx of European blood, largely Spanish. A country dotted with a vast andvaried geography, Peru features 28 types of climates and contains 84 of the 103 ecological zones existing on Earth. Its territory is split into three natural regions running from north to south: the Coast, a narrow swathe of desert coastline, which is home to Lima and most of Peru's main cities; the Highlands, which feature breath-taking mountain landscapes and picturesque villages; and the exuberant Amazon jungle, teeming with a dizzying variety of animals and plants. Read more about Peru >

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Cusco is known as the ‘archaeological capital of the Americas’ (Lonely Planet). Nowhere else you have that easy access to old Inca ruins and the impressive culture of the Incas, as well in the city centre as in the wide surroundings of Cusco. The exciting en dynamic city centre was built by the Spaniards on rests of Inca temples and palaces and is nowadays still as crowded and lively as it was in the heydays of the Inca emporium. Relax and enjoy at one of the many beautiful squares of Cusco. Visit the traditional Peruvian markets or walk around in the picturesque San Blas district. Furthermore there are several museums telling the history of the Inca culture. More About Cusco >

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Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley, or Vilcamayo to the Incas, traces its astonishingly beautiful course from Pisac down towards Urubamba, Ollantaytambo and eventually Machu Picchu. Located about 30km from Cusco, it is a steep-sided river valley that opens out into a very fertile but narrow alluvial plain. The Incas exploited the valley agriculturally well. The river itself starts in the high Andes south of Cusco and is called the Vilcanota, the same name as the mountain where the river emerges from. From here on down the river is known as the river ‘Río Urubamba’, an energetic and magnificent river which flows right down into the jungle where its merges with other major headwaters of the Amazon. Read more about the Sacred Valley >

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Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is Peru’s most famous tourist attraction. You can’t visit Peru without going to Machu Picchu! This ‘hidden city’ of the Incas, located on a mountain, was explored just in 1911. Machu Picchu is located at 2,430 metres (8,000 ft) and is an UNESCO World Heritage site. Walk the most famous trail of South America to Machu Picchu: the Inca trail! On your way you pass a lot of well known Inca ruins, before you enter Machu Picchu. Read more about Machu Picchu >

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The surroundings of Cusco offer incredible trekking possibilities. Of course there is the famous Inca trail to Machu Picchu. But there are more trekkings near Cusco: the Salkantay trek and the Inca jungle trek also lead to Machu Picchu. There is a demanding trekking to the ruins of Choquequirao and a beautiful trail around the mountain Ausangate. Read more about trekkings near Cusco >

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Cusco tourist ticket

The “Boleto Turístico del Cusco” is the tourist ticket that allows you admission to sixteen attractions in the department of Cusco. Cusco Tourist Ticket >


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